Texas intention to defund Planned Parenthood likely headed for court

Texas Tribune:
Texas officially kicking Planned Parenthood out of Medicaid

Texas health officials on Tuesday delivered a final legal notice to nix the funding Planned Parenthood receives through the Medicaid program.

That cut-off day will only be delayed if the organization appeals the state's decision in the next 15 days by requesting an administrative hearing with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. But Planned Parenthood officials say they will instead turn to the courts to block the cuts.
While there is a pending case between Texas and the abortion provider, Planned Parenthood may be required to pursue its administrative remedies first before going to court.   The original case stems from Texas displeasure with evidence suggesting Planned Parenthood was engaged in commerce with fetal remains from abortions.  The group's supporters responded that the videos were "heavily edited" but you could say that about the NY Times too.


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