A flawed argument against the entry exit registry system to stop terrorists

Naureen Shah:
People like me — ordinary Americans with Muslim names and ancestry from Muslim-majority countries — fear being put on a watchlist, barred entry into the United States, even banned because of who we are. Many people — African Americans, Jewish Americans, Muslim Americans, immigrants who’ve spent most of their adult lives here — spent the holidays swapping stories of threats, harassment and even violent attacks by fellow Americans who think the election has given them license to act on hatred.
Kelly must not revive NSEERS (the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System). He is a smart man — he knows that a special registry would make for bad counterterrorism. Law enforcement officials need people to trust them and tip them off, not fear and avoid them. A special registration would send shockwaves through immigrant communities, inviting uncertainty and anxiety, more fear of law enforcement and less safety.
The program is country specific and would help to thwart the infiltration of terrorist into the US through current refugee programs.  It should have no effect on Muslims who are already citizens and residing in the US.

It is a program that should have been used in Europe to stop the terrorist that are committing mass murder for Allah attacks.  What Shah proposes is to put all Americans at risk of terror attacks to avoid the inconvenience of noncitizens who are coming to the US.  That makes no sense.


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