Chicoms accused of attempting to extort defense contractor with cyber attack threats

Bill Gertz:
A U.S. defense contractor was threatened with bankruptcy by Chinese hackers seeking jet fighter logistics secrets, according to the Pentagon’s Joint Staff.

A report earlier this month by the Joint Staff’s J-2 intelligence directorate revealed that the American contractor, a company involved in classified defense work, was threatened by Chinese hackers, according to Pentagon officials familiar with the report.

The Chinese demanded access to the company’s intellectual property, and said unless the company secrets were provided, China would steal the data, reverse engineer it, and then sell it internationally in a bid to force the company into bankruptcy.

The unidentified company is involved in supplying logistics support for U.S. fighter aircraft, such as parts and maintenance for fighters.
There is no indication that the Obama did anything with this information.  There is no indication of a counter threat to the Chinese entity responsible for the threat.  Cyber crimes have constituted a much more serious threat to the US than the alleged release of information about the Clinton campaign, but the administration has not responded publicly to the threat.


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