Come on Mann, Trump does not want to kill you

Michael Mann:
I’m a scientist who has gotten death threats. I fear what may happen under Trump.
At a time when Trump electors are getting death threat and the State of Pennsylvania is assigning troopers to protect them before the Monday vote, the globo warmers think they are under attack because people disagree with them.

One of the obvious failings of the "climate change" lobby is that it is unwilling to engage in a debate.  Instead, the proponents of the theory of global warming denigrate those who do not agree with them and ignore factual arguments.

One of the main problems with proponents is that they cannot explain which of their assumptions used in their models for projections of future temperature is invalid.  We know that the projections have been wildly off target and have predicted much warmer temperatures than have been realized on a historical basis.  That is a bigger threat to people like Mann than any bogus death threats.

In the meantime, more Trump supporters have been physically attacked than any climate scientist.


  1. You have a greater chance of being attacked and eaten by polar bears, half-wit.

  2. Sending threats, and in particular the white powder to Dr. Mann, is part of a neo-luddite movement that hates knowledge, science.

    The people that did that would certainly have supported trump.


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