Incompetence of the moderates in dealing with migrant crisis pushing Europe to the right

NY Times:

Intent on Unsettling E.U., Russia Taps Fringe Elements

Moscow is cultivating an array of far-right extremist groups, spreading disruption and hoping that a few will develop into important and disruptive players.
Russia does not have to do much since people like Merkel and the leadership in several European governments have followed a fail policy of inviting in unvetted migrants and putting them on the dole while many of them engage in rape and pillage.  It si as if they had responded to the Vikings by offering them a home.

Russia's government may be enjoying the problems the liberal governments have created for themselves, but they can mostly stand back and watch.

It is also somewhat misleading when the media refers to the conservative opposition as "the far right."  They use that term like an epithet to try to delegitimize those who do not agree with liberalism.


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