Obama has been shooting blanks in the cyber war waged against US

NY Times:

A Wary Obama Confronts the Complexities of a Cyberarsenal

  • Naturally cautious, President Obama has nevertheless vowed to “send a clear message” to Russia over its hacking of the U.S. election but has few ideal responses.
  • Some of the options were rejected as ineffective, others as too risky.
As the post below indicates, his response to the hacks of the OPM office and others have been less than stirring.  Not even a speech much less a real response.  His lack of response only encouraged more cyber attacks from the main players, China, Iran and Russia, and occasionally the Norks.  When it comes to fighting back he is a complete dud.

He only got excited about the Wikileaks dumps after Hillary lost, although it is dubious to argue that they had that much of an impact on the election.  Polls show the definitive swing by the undecideds took place ofter her deplorable speech about "irredeemable deplorables" as her description of Trump supporters.

The FBI investigation probably did hurt her, but this was a situation of her own creation since she was responsible for mishandling classified material on a homebrew server.   If she were a normal government employee she would have been indicted so she does not have much of a gripe about it costing her the election.

As for a response, the government should be working on a means to identify the origin of hacks and create a response that will attack the perp with malware in some cases and in others fry their computers.  It would need to filter out the zombie computers used as intermediaries to get to the source.  The US should have the technical expertise to accomplish this goal if they had someone who showed some leadership in dealing with the attacks.


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