Trump and RNC actively suppressed dissent at convention

Thhere’s a Cruz underground at the Republican National Convention, one that claims it’s being boxed out and even physically suppressed by an official apparatus determined to throw the party’s weight behind Donald Trump. When you walk the halls, its members will come up to you whispering about the injustice, about being silenced, about the “butthurt.” And just when you notice that they’re not wearing any Trump insignia, just a round white pin with a light gray “C” with a small flame at its heart—that’s when they’ll show you photos documenting the conspiracy against their candidate. There’s the photo of the teleprompter from Monday night before the voice vote that says “THE AYES HAVE IT.” “They were always going to have it that way, we didn’t even have a chance,” says one Louisiana delegate. There’s the photo from Tuesday’s nominating roll call vote of the empty seats of the Virginia delegation, with some man passing out credentials to anyone who would take one. There’re the stories of intimidation and threats to take away the credentials of the rebellious, Cruz-supporting delegation from Washington state.
“A woman from the Georgia delegation was intimidated in the bathroom. She was pushed up against the wall because she didn’t support Trump,” said Martin Mertz, a Washington delegate. “Intimidation—that’s the Trump way!”

“We sat near them,” said a Utah delegate of the way the Washington state delegation was whipped. He, too, was wearing a C pin. “And the veterans among us said they’d never seen such heavy-handed tactics.”

The Republican Party may have nominated Trump, but the resistance continues. And the party apparatus does appear to be working hard to keep it under control. Strapping young men dressed like Masters of the Universe and wearing fluorescent yellow baseball caps roam the halls and the convention floor. “We’re the whips,” one of them told me. “Now that the [nominating] vote is over, we’re singling out the protesters to make sure things are flowy.”

Steve Scalise, congressman from Louisiana and House Majority Whip, was sent in to pacify a restive, pro-Cruz faction of his state’s delegation, telling them at a breakfast Wednesday that if they don’t vote for Trump, they’re voting for Hillary. The heavily pro-Cruz Utah delegation was promised a visit to their state by Mike Pence, whom conservatives there like and accept.

And yet, the Cruz underground was not giving up. When I asked the Utah delegate if he’d be campaigning for Trump in the general election, he smiled and said, “No, ma’am.” When Cruz began to speak, I talked to Marc Perez, a Washington delegate with a red Cruz Conservative T-shirt peeking out from under his blazer. “We respect the nomination of Donald Trump, but today, we’re honoring Ted Cruz,” he began, gingerly feeling the conversation’s temperature. After a few minutes, though, he said, “Most of us are for Cruz.”

I asked him whether he would vote for Trump in November.

“No,” he said, crisply. Trump, he said, “is a populist; he is not a conservative. I don’t want Hillary to win, but I’m not going to spend my time campaigning for him. I’ll be actively campaigning for down-ballot conservatives.”
There is much more.

The story goes on to describe how the yellow hat guys were responsible for the yelling and booing of Cruz.  It gives you an example of how the Trumpist and the RNC cotn9nue to alienate voters they need in November.


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