Democrats make a pitch to anti Trump Republicans

NY Times:

Looking to Build Base, Democrats Court Those Aggrieved by Donald Trump

From Hillary Clinton and her campaign, a scorching indictment of her Republican opponent as someone who has spared almost no group from insult or injury.
Among the anti-Trump Republicans, there are probably a handful of people who might support Hillary Clinton.   There may even be more disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters who will vote for Trump.

But for a majority of GOP anti-Trump voters, a big part of the anger at Trump is not just his being a jerk, but the fact that he is wasting a golden opportunity to defeat the Democrats.  These people are not going to vote for Hillary either.

I suspect there will be a drop in votes for the Presidency this go round and that the Libertarian candidate may get some benefit from the animosity toward Trump and Clinton.

The Bernie Sanders voters may also go to the Green Party candidate.  Although Ted Cruz has rejected a write-in campaign, I am seeing a good number of people who intend to write in his name too.

The bottom line is that for around 20 percent of the voters, both of the top candidates suck.


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