Gitmo alum who disappeared from Uruguay surfaces in Venezuela's socialist 'paradise'

A resettled former Guantanamo prisoner who disappeared last month in Uruguay, setting off alarm bells in neighboring countries and recriminations in Washington, has reappeared in Venezuela, the government said Wednesday.

Foreign Minister Rodolfo Nin Novoa told The Associated Press that Syrian native Abu Wa'el Dhiab showed up at Uruguay's consulate in Caracas. Consulate officials refused to provide information or entry to AP journalists gathered outside.

Late Thursday, the Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying Dhiab told the consulate he wanted to move to Turkey or another country where he could reunite with his family.

"He expressed clearly that in no case was he interested in returning to Uruguay, but required the assistance of our country for his proposal," the statement said.

Dhiab, who has repeatedly expressed his unhappiness at his life in Uruguay, previously accused the government of breaking its commitment to bring his family.

He is one of six former Guantanamo prisoners who were resettled in Uruguay after being released by U.S. authorities in 2014, invited by then President Jose Mujica as a humanitarian gesture.
Humanity is wasted on these terrorists.  They should have never been released from Gitmo.   Obama has this unfounded idea that releasing terrorist will make it less likely that Islamic religious bigots will commit mass murder, but they have actually increased their attacks since he started the program.


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