Why not try defeating radical Islam?

NY Times:

Democrats, Looking Past Obama, Are a Party Without a Cause

Without the president’s unifying presence, or the singular focus on health care, Democrats are searching for a next great project they can agree on. Infrastructure?
One of Obama's biggest failures has been his botching of the war being waged against us by radical Islamic religious bigots.  His premature retreat from Iraq gave space and time to ISIL to launch its murderous war against the world.  Make no mistake about it, genocide of everyone who disagrees with them is their objective and Obama does not seem to care.

Hillary has not articulated a plan to deal with the issue and other Democrats would rather fight global warming than a real enemy.   As for health care, Obama has made it worse for everyone but the very poor.  For many Americans, they are worse off now than they were when he came into office and Hillary only promises more of the same failed policies.

To be clear, I do not think Trump has a realistic plan for dealing with these problems either.  The fact is that the nominees of both parties suck.


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