Trump won't attack critical Democrats?

Leon Wolf:
Sigh. This was so predictable that it's almost tiresome. The guy who attacked every Republican under the sun, no matter how small or inconsequential, who said even the least critical thing of him, has decided he's not going to attack the Democrats who attacked him at the convention. Because, I am not kidding you, he wants to display good message discipline.......

Get the hell out of here with this nonsense, Donald Trump. Here's the thing, right now, this is good advice. You know what? It would also have been good advice with respect to a billion Republicans who you felt absolutely no compunction about crapping all over in the name of good message discipline.

It would also have been good advice the day after Ted Cruz gave a speech at the Republican convention that didn't even criticize Donald Trump at all - would have been fantastic advice for Trump not to come out the next day and resurrect insane conspiracy theories about Ted Cruz's father and promise to spend a bunch of money to beat Ted Cruz.

But isn't it weird that Trump only discovers the joys of message discipline, not punching down, not needlessly alienating people when it comes time to attack Democrats? And by "weird," of course, I mean, "very likely that Trump is still a Democrat who is laughing at all the Republican voters he suckered into voting for him in the primary."
I guess this means he is not going to fund any super PAC to go after critical Democrats they way he says he will go after Cruz and John Kasich.  I guess it also means there will be no gratuitous insults and childish name calling of Democrats either.


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