Trump has trouble remembering his own policy proposals

Leon Wolf:
So yesterday Trump was tossed a softball question about whether the Federal government owns too much land, particularly in the West. This is an issue about which there is pretty broad bipartisan agreement and is moreover an issue that was in the news and was of especial interest to many of Trump's supporters. So this reporter who is asking Trump the question even sets the question up with information that clearly indicates how Trump is supposed to answer, and still, Trump kind of cluelessly flounders around....
Here's what's really problematic about this story. Some months ago, Trump caused some problems for himself and his campaign by suggesting that he could pay off the national debt in 8 years. This caused people to ask, with understandable incredulity, "How?"

So the Trump campaign responded by sending out an official economic advisor to explain that one of the ways (actually, the only way) Trump planned to pay off the debt was to sell off all land owned by the Federal government. But clearly that was never an actual plan, or if it was, the man with the greatest memory in the world has already forgotten it, such that he can't even say anymore whether he thinks the Federal government owns too much land generally.

So, in response to a live controversy, the Trump campaign sent out someone to explain that Trump planned to do X. Three months later, Trump is asked if he supports some waaaaaay milder version of X, and Trump doesn't even know what the hell the question is about, or how to start answering it.
There is much more.

His short and long term memory problems suggest that many of his policies really are just suggestions that may or may not be implemented depending on what he is thinking about when he wakes up as President.

BTW, I favor selling off much fo the federal property.  Putting it to productive use by taxpayers would also produce more revenue to bring down the debt not only from the sale but also from future use by taxpayers.


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