Munich terrorists sounds like a Muslim mass murderer

Daily Mail:
'Boom boom boom - he's killing the kids': Gunman shouting 'Allahu Akbar' executed children in Munich McDonald's before rampaging through mall killing NINE with police now hunting three attackers
  • A number of people have been killed and another 10 people are injured after gunmen went on a shooting rampage
  • Police operation is ongoing in Munich, with the force warning people to stay in their homes and avoid public spaces
  • Terrified shoppers were seen running for their lives from the Olympia Shopping Centre after hearing gunshots 
  • Witnesses said that the shopping centre gunman screamed 'I'm German' and 'Allahu Akbar' before shooting
  • Gunman reportedly fled after his shooting spree on the city underground network, which has now been shut down
  • City is in lockdown as police say they are searching for up to three gunmen, who are all on the run, after the attack
I know of no other religion that says Allahu Akbar before engaging in mass murders.  Germany is paying a price for inviting Muslim refugees into the country.  ISIL said it would infiltrate and they appear to be good as their word on that point.   It is also possible that a Muslim who was not a recent refugee could have been behind the attack.  In France, the "sudden jihad" syndrome has been embraced by some local Muslims.

Later reports indicate the killer was a German-born Iranian in his late teens.


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