Modern methods of delivering blunt force trama to people who pose a threat

Washington Post:
Dallas police used a robot to kill. What does that mean for the future of lethal force?

The unprecedented decision to remotely deliver lethal force was widely praised as way to eliminate a threat without risking more officers’ lives. Now some worry about the potential to overuse machines that can injure or kill suspects.
I do not worry about much at all.  In the history of weapons used to cause blunt force trauma to people who pose a threat, we have come a ways from using rocks and slingshots.

From rocks, their followed edge weapons like knives and swords and missiles like arrows shot from bows.  The bow and arrow, like the slingshot,  were the first "standoff" weapons.

The industrial age brought guns manufacturing along with artillery and other missile weaponry.  The robot used in Dallas is just an evolutionary step in weapons that do not expose the operator directly.


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