Sanders supporters reject Dem unity plea

Bernie Sanders built a movement around challenging the Democratic machine, but it may not be his to lead anymore.

Now into a second day of protests in hot, sweaty Pennsylvania, agitated Sanders backers are infuriated with the Democratic Party after leaked emails show the establishment putting its finger on the scale for Hillary Clinton and damaging Sanders during this year's highly-contested primaries.

The resignation of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has done little to ease their anger. Indeed, Sanders supporters described it as the least of their demands now.

"Getting thrown crumbs is not change," said Amy Kaplan, a 60-year national park ranger and Sanders backer from Sausalito, California. "And the last 48 hours have been crumbs. It's very patronizing. Like, are we idiots? That's how they're treating us. Like we're idiots."

While Sanders may think he has extracted his largest piece of flesh with Wasserman Schultz’s ouster, lingering resentment now threatens to undermine the carefully choreographed convention that Democrats had gloated would be free of the internal drama that rocked the GOP’s show last week.
I guess one of the first clues was when the Sanders supporters took up the chant from the GOP Convention to "Lock her up."   Hillary is going to have a tough time overcoming the anger of those who did not want her to begin with.  She will probably have to rethink her adoption of Tec Cruz's remarks to "Vote your conscience."


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