Ted Cruz made the winning bet for the long term at the convention

Michael Brendan Dougherty:
Why Ted Cruz's huge convention gamble will pay off in the end

Historically, I am not a Ted Cruz fan. But it is hard not to admire a man who stands by his wife's honor, and his father's name, in a moment when he was under the heaviest political pressure to cave to the man who defamed them.

Yes, this dramatic move carries significant risks. Cruz may have a very tough time for the foreseeable future. He has seemingly volunteered to take the blame for Trump's loss, to be the face of conservative disloyalty. But look at it this way: The Trump-compliant Republicans have made a bet that the party can contain and shape the damage of the Trump candidacy. Cruz, on the other hand, is betting that it cannot, and knows that Donald Trump will commit fresh, unanticipated outrages that will make it clear Trump authored his own demise.

In the long run, Cruz made the winning bet.
Trump is a disaster for the country whether he is elected or not.


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