Trump's response to family of Muslim casualty of Iraq war shows lack of political acumen

NY Times:

Muslim Family of Slain Soldier, Drawing Ire

Donald J. Trump said Ghazala Khan may not have been “allowed” to speak at the Democratic convention, implying that she was subservient because of her Muslim faith.

The negative remarks by the Republican presidential nominee about the mother of a dead soldier drew quick and widespread condemnation.
I suspect her not speaking had more to do with culture rather than faith.  But it is really irrelevant and Trump really blew his response.

What he should have said is that the man's son is a hero and disserving of our respect and appreciation and that if all Muslims showed similar character and courage we would not be having a problem with Islamic terrorism.

Such an answer would have shown respect to the fallen and would have also addressed the serious problem of Islamic terrorism that the Democrats were trying to evade.  For example, they had no speeches from the families of the victims of Islamic terrorism in this country such as those shot by the Fort Hood shooter.

BTW, Trump supporters are directing their ire toward the family and the Democrats.  Like much of what was said at the conventions, it is unlikely to change minds, but it makes Democrats feel smug about their position.


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