Muslim speaker overstates his argument

NY Times:

In Tribute to Son, a Lesson in Citizenship

In a speech that included displaying a copy of the Constitution, a father gave voice to Muslim Americans and rebuked Mr. Trump for wanting to “ban us from this country.”
I am not a Trump supporter.  I appreciate the service of this man's son and his sacrifice.  But I have not heard Trump say he wants to ban all Muslims from the country.   What he has said is that he wants to have a temporary ban of Muslims from some countries in order to get a handle on those who are coming here as terrorists.

There is no threat of mass deportation of Muslims in the country legally.  There is no threat of rounding them up and putting them in concentration camps like Democrats did with Japanese in world War II.

When you overstate your case like this you actually only appeal to those already on your side and you don't persuade others to join you.  If Muslims want to reduce ethe fear of terrorism in their community, they need to be more vocal in helping authorities root them out.  They need to avoid the mosques of the preachers of hate.


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