Veteran's group seeks to overturn court decision saying bad VA employees can't be fired

Washington Examiner:
A dozen military and veterans groups are asking for the right to defend a law in court that makes it easier to fire corrupt and negligent officials at the Department of Veterans Affairs, because the VA is refusing to defend the law on its own.

The groups filed a brief with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit asking for the right to defend the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act.

The dramatic move comes after the VA said in June that it would no longer apply the law, which Congress passed in 2014 in order to help the agency fire officials after the healthcare wait list scandal.

That decision shut down the avenue Congress created in order to help clean up the broken VA.

It may also allow Sharon Helman, the former director of the Phoenix VA, to escape her own firing. The notorious official sued after the VA decided to fire her, and because the VA and the Justice Department won't defend the law, there's no one to step in to argue against her.
This is another example of how the Obama administration has corrupted the Justice Department to the point where it will not even defend laws passed by Congress and signed by the President.  They appear to be on the side of those who are accused of neglecting veteran health care.  This is a disgrace.


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