Family of French Muslim head chopper stunned by his dissent into sudden jihad syndrome

Neighbours told the Telegraph last night that Kermiche did not attend the local mosque. His uncle Akin Dendani was last night[tue] tearful and shaking as he told the Telegraph that his son had been "manipulated" by "extremists."

He said he had become "serene" before the attack. "I don't know who they are. But when I find out I will go and find them myself. With any luck," he said, stood near the family dormer bungalow in a suburb near Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray.

"He was normal. He was good. He went to school, he was like you and me. He had friends, male and female," he said. "He was manipulated by extremists, they told him rubbish: this person is good, this person is bad".

"He was 19, just emerging from adolescence."

He confirmed he had been tagged with an electronic bracelet after doing jail time and had to report to the police station twice a week, and said he had last seen the boy about three days ago.

But he said in the weeks up to the attack his mood had changed. "There was a serenity," he said. "He was calm. We had a dialogue with him - about Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism. We had a dialogue."

"It is reprehensible, barbarism, what happened on Paris, and here to that man."

His mother told a Swiss newspaper in May last year that his transformation into a radical happened very rapidly.

Previously he was a “happy kid who liked music and going out with girls”. But he quickly became a recluse, only going out to the mosque.

“It was as if he was under a spell, in a sect,” said his mother, a teacher. His family and his brothers and sisters tried to reason with him and keep an eye on him.
It appears he was not radicalized at home the way many Palestinians are from a young age.  But it also shows how easily Islam makes it to manipulate someone into acting as part of a death cult.  It is a religion that carries a disease within it that can be easily transmitted and is hard to innoculate against.


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