US Customs intercepts enough marijuana for 4.2 million joints at Rio Grande Valley crossing

Houston Chronicle:
U.S. border inspectors used a giant X-ray machine to find more than five tons of pot with a street value of more than $4 million in the states stashed in a truckload of mangoes headed into the United States through South Texas.

The seizure at the international bridge near the Rio Grande Valley city of Pharr was announced Friday by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials.

"This is an extraordinary seizure," said Efrain Solis Jr, the agency's port director for Hidalgo and adjacent ports of entry into South Texas from Mexico.

The tractor trailer was allegedly driven by Julio Cesar Teodoro Padilla, from Reynosa, Mexico. He was arrested, turned over to Homeland Security officials, and remains in custody as of Saturday, according to court papers. It is unclear where in the United States the marijuana was headed.

The drugs were packaged into 20,150 mango-shaped bundles and weighed 10,566 pounds, according to Customs and Border Protection officials.

That is conservatively enough marijuana for at least 4.2 million joints.
 Pharr is between Edinburg and Brownsville in the Lower Rio Grade Valley of Texas.Reynosa, Mexico is just across the border.  It used to be a pleasant place before the narco-terrorist took it over.  I am sure the dope was worth more than the mangoes.  The border agents also captured Padilla's cell phone which had some interesting text messages.


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