Trump and Clinton put the special interests ahead of the people on free trade

NY Times:

Both Parties Used to Back Free Trade. Now They Bash It.

Democrats and Republicans agreed on almost nothing at their conventions this month, except that trade agreements, notably the Trans-Pacific Partnership, are now politically perilous.
They are appealing to the failed economies of the blue states who lost their competitive edge.  They are playing to the union bosses who have ruined US competitiveness.

As I have noted before, NAFTA has been a net positive for the State of Texas and has had a hand in created around a million jobs.   Texas did it by being proactive and seeking business with Mexico and Canada.  It did it by keeping taxes low and regulation reasonable.

What Trump and Clinton are doing is they are trying to bail out the mismanaged states run by Democrats.  In the process, they are not going to create much in the way of new manufacturing jobs and they are going to drive up the cost of living for everyone.  This will fall hardest on the poor, who will find they are paying more at Walmart.  Together they will lower most people's standard of living.


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