Suspected Muslim terrorists kill two in French church cutting off priest's head

Sydney Morning Herald:
Police have 'neutralised' two men who reportedly cut the throat of a priest and took a congregation hostage on Tuesday morning, according to early reports from a town in northern France.

Le Point identified the slain priest as Father Jacques Hamel, 86, who was ordained in 1958.

One other parishioner was killed, and a third person in the church injured along with a policeman, Le Point reported.

Anti-terrorism prosecutors have been assigned to the investigation.

Eyewitnesses told the newspaper that two men entered the church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray during mass, which was celebrated by a priest and attended by four worshippers including two nuns.

The pair were armed with knives, one was bearded and one said to wear a chachia, a traditional woolen north African hat.

They shouted "Daesh" as they entered the church, according to "corroborated sources" quoted by Le Point.

The assailants were 'neutralised' by police about 40 minutes later as they emerged from the church courtyard.
It looks like the knife intifada has reached France.   Will the Europeans finally wake up to the terrorists they have invited into their homeland?  Will Obama and Hillary Clinton have second thoughts about their invitation to more Muslim immigrants into the US?

Will the Europeans finally realize That Islam is a worldwide problem and they cannot distinguish the good from the bad?

Update:  Later reports say that ISIL was behind the terrorist murders and that the priest was decapitated.


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