Terrorist style shooting at German shopping center in Munich--15 reported killed

Munich shooting: police say several people killed in 'rampage' - live

Major police operation under way in city where security officials have been on alert after axe attack on train passengers earlier in week
Police are still looking for the shooter.  It is believed the killer started at the McDonalds in the mall before moving on to other targets.   Some reports had the shooter going into the parking garage.  German special ops troops are being sent to the scene.

Police have received reports that as many as three shooters may be involved, and as of the time of this post, none has been caught.

This has many of the characteristics of a mass murder for Allah attack involving the sudden jihad syndrome.

The Telegraph says police are reporting up to 15 killed so far in the mass murder attack.

Note to President Obama--Germany has the most restrictive gun control laws in the world.


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