Special ops to get new sub for launching operations

Daily Mail:

Lockheed Martin teamed with Submergence Group, LLC to develop and with Germanischer Lloyd to commercially classify the S301i dry manned submersible. Lockheed Martin and Submergence Group then completed conceptual development for the next generation vehicle designated S302. Both vehicles are dry submersibles that support two operators (pilot and navigator) plus up to six swimmers with the ability to lock them out and in. The dry one-atmosphere environment of these vehicles provides an alternative to traditional wet submersibles being used by the U.S. and international Special Forces communities today, and will deliver operators to their destination in better physical condition to complete a mission.

Called the Swimmer Delivery Vehicle, the new craft will be built by Lockheed Martin and will deliver divers into battle far more easily - and keep them dry when they travel
The SEALs on board the craft would be dry right up until they left the sub near the shore.  The craft can carry six special operators plus a crew of two more.


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