'Whinin Don' not up on the rules of the nomination process

S.E. Cupps:
If Donald Trump has nicknamed Ted Cruz "Lyin' Ted," maybe Cruz should take a page out of Trump's book and nickname him "Whinin' Don."

You would think that in the week leading up to your home state primary, where you're expected to do very well, you'd want all attention on your looming victory. Instead Trump has inexplicably spent the past few days complaining about his loss of all 13 Colorado delegates to Cruz, whining about the "rigged" system, and stomping around like a petulant child.

It's more terrible twos than commander-in-chief.

All of which has only served to expose gaping holes in Trump's organization and an apparent — and embarrassing -- inability to figure out how to work the system effectively.

It's an odd look for Trump, and ironic, considering that over the course of this tumultuous Republican primary, he has proudly boasted about gaming the system -- that is, figuring out how to legally exploit whatever weaknesses he can to benefit him most in business, particularly when it comes to tax and labor laws.

He brags about outsmarting his opponents in business and bringing his superior business acumen to politics, where he'll be better than the "stupid" "dummies" currently leading the country.

Right now, though, he isn't looking all that smart.

Trump seems to have a middle school civics class idea of how we elect a president -- that it's a glorified popularity contest.
Ted Cruz points out that when Donald Trump is not winning, he is whining.  He looks less than Presidential and less on top of things when he is doing that.  He still has his followers that despite all the evidence to the contrary  think he is the answer they are looking for but their numbers are not growing.

If the establishment were actually gaming the system The two leaders would probably be Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, both of whom dropped out early and have since endorsed Ted Cruz.


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