What part of the Cruz agenda does establishment oppose?

Dan Spencer:

  • And Cruz talked about his vision and agenda including:
  • Bringing jobs back to America
  • Repealing ObamaCare
  • Reigning federal regulators
  • Passing a flat tax
  • Abolishing the IRS
  • Unleashing economic growth
  • Securing the Border
  • Ending sanctuary cities
  • Expanding Opportunity
  • Ending Common Core
  • Protecting religious liberty
  • Protecting the Second Amendment
  • Standing with Israel
  • Undoing Obama’s catastrophic Iranian nuclear deal.
  • Defeating radical Islamic terrorism
  • Destroying ISIS.

Cruz laid out his agenda in his speech after winning in Wisconsin.  Those who refuse to back Cruz should, at least, say what aspects of his policies they disagree with.  It looks like an agenda that could actually strengthen Republican Congressional majorities.


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