Upstate NY calls Ted Cruz a breath of fresh air

I had the opportunity to listen to Ted Cruz yesterday. As a Christian voter and lifelong Upstate New Yorker I value the things he had to say. He was a breath of fresh air to our area! A welcome contrast to the typical pompous, political windbags like, Gov. Cuomo, Kirsten Gillibrand, Chuck Schumer, Paul Tonko- and the Times Union Newspaper- (which absolutely stumps for all of them on a regular basis).

I love New York… I was born and raised here. All my relatives are from here, and post active-duty military service, my husband and I returned to raise our children here. While he was serving, we lived all over the country. Of all the places we lived, it was hard to compare to the beauty of the Catskills and Adirondacks. We have so many stunning rivers, lakes, and countless choices of hiking, swimming and skiing…

Yet, so many wonderful, hardworking New York natives have fled our state. Why? Because of corrupt, bullying dictator politics, over regulation, oppressive taxes, and zero job growth! So it was refreshing to have a level headed candidate, who actually respects the Constitution, come and address voters in our area. People in upstate are hurting economically and the power hungry Albany machine has done nothing to help.

Ted Cruz is morally grounded and reveres God. One of the things that is of utmost importance to the Christian voter is that he values protecting innocent life. Again, unlike New York blowhards-(Gov. Cuomo, Kirsten Gillibrand, Chuck Schumer, and Paul Tonko) Ted Cruz is opposed to abortion. He actually takes to heart and respects that God is the creator of life…all life!

While our own ‘Dictator in Chief’ (Andrew Cuomo) wastes his time, and our money, making ridiculous travel bans to Mississippi and North Carolina, and has repeatedly told fellow conservative New Yorkers we aren’t welcome here….Ted Cruz focuses on smaller Government, tax alleviation, and job creation- something conservatives have been longing to hear from a serious candidate. Conservatives understand that in order to see any economy thrive we need to stop over-regulation and decrease the taxes.
Upstate is where Cruz can do the most good in New York.  They do not care for the liberal fascist values of the New York extremist who hate Cruz.


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