Turkey's agenda inconsistent with being a NATO ally

Riyadh Mohammed:
Turkey Is Playing a Dangerous Game With ISIS as It Seeks Islamic Glory

Erdogan has a master plan—as a diehard Islamist, he wants to revive the glory of the Ottoman Empire, restore Islamic rule, and purge the country of undesirables—especially the Kurds. Turkey considers the Kurds (whether Turkish Kurds, Syrian Kurds, or Iraqi Kurds) the main threat to Turkish national security. The Kurds want autonomy, and independence is viewed as endangering Turkey’s sovereign unity. Turkey has anxiously observed the gains Syrian Kurds achieved over the last few years. For Turkey, ISIS is the lesser of two evils compared to the Kurds.

Turkey has maintained a backdoor channel with ISIS for years. This channel helped secure the release of dozens of Turkish diplomats and drivers who were taken hostage by ISIS when the terror group captured Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, in June 2014. In return, Turkey released a group of ISIS detained operatives. Turkey also turned a blind eye on ISIS’s oil trade with its southern provinces and on jihadists crossing the Turkish – Syrian borders to join the fight against the Syrian government. Many of them eventually joined ISIS.
There is much more on Erdogan's duplicty in the war with ISIL and his attacks on the Kurds.  I have been saying for sometime Trukey was a lousy ally, but the evidence is growing that under Ergodan it is much worse than just lousy.


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