Trump really is not that interesting

Who Has Sean Hannity Interviewed 41 Times Without Making News? Can You Guess?

It is basically the radio equivalent of BuzzFeed’s cat videos.

This is really sad. Both Hannity and Rush have shown they are willing to check their conservatism at the door if it brings better ratings. They didn’t have to do that. Since RedState has become anti-Trump our readership has tripled. Rush shows signs of having begun to realize what he has done to himself. Hannity hasn’t. He has become, for all intents and purposes, part of Trump’s campaign apparatus. That is the only way you can describe forty-one interviews with no news worthy information being produced.
There is much more.

 I take my reaction to this oversupply of Trump from the title of a Jimmy Buffet song, If the phone don't ring, it's me.  I have long since decided that Trump is not interesting, and he is especially not interesting when being questioned by people who don't really challenge him.  I would watch him in a debate with Ted Cruz because he would undergo serious questions about his policy proposals and his serial threats.   But to hear him interviewed by anyone other than Megyn Kelly is boredom personified.


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