The fake news sites used by Trump supporters

Ulysses Arn:
The supporters of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump really are making a mess of things on the internet and it is time to clean that mess up.

That begins by letting all the Trump supporters out there in on a not so little secret, that website you love to share stories of on social media called, it is a fake.

As the Washington Post has uncovered virtually every story and every headline at that site is completely fraudulent. All the “people” behind Prntly do is cut and paste text from stories about Donald Trump or Ted Cruz and then give them made up headlines, right off the National Equirer’s editing room floor.

What should bother Trump supporters even more than the fact that they’ve been duped by a fraud site, is that the same people running also run another site called That site is a pro Bernie Sanders one, and it too cuts and paste stories together with sensational headlines.

All totally fake. But would you expect anything less from a convicted felon.

And as the reports, prntly isn’t the only fake news site out there, several top websites and blogs supportive of Donald Trump, all happen to be registered and operated out of Macedonia. Those fake sites in turn get hundreds, perhaps thousands, of fake and bot Twitter accounts to spread out the stories that either support Trump or attack Ted Cruz.
There is more.

The Trump followers are True Believers of a lot of things that are not so.   There are also Trump supporting blogs that happily pass along bogus conspiracy theories about why anyone would oppose their chosen one.


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