Opposition to new service ribbon for those fighting ISIL?

David French:
I hate to share an image so insensitive to Muslims, especially to Muslims in ISIS, but here goes. Below is a representation of the new medal to be awarded to American soldiers to recognize their service in the fight against ISIS:

Horrifying and insensitive.

Inexcusable. What? You don’t see it? Fortunately, The Atlantic is on the case. You see, medieval knights wore chain mail, and the image of a mailed hand holding a dagger could be construed as a shout-out to the dastardly Richard the Lionheart. Here’s Uri Friedman describing why the imagery is so “surprising:

” More importantly, it’s surprising because ISIS, in its propaganda, often depicts the Western participants in that campaign as modern-day Christian Crusaders invading the Middle East once again. In claiming responsibility for the recent bombings in Brussels, for example, ISIS asserted that it was targeting “Crusader Belgium, which did not stop targeting Islam and its people.”
There is more.

It is past time to get over the Crusades which was basically a defensive war fought after the Muslim conquest of the holy land.  The biggest problem with the Crusades is that they were not able to stop the Muslim horde for very long.


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