Iran not interested in any deal on its missile program

Fox News:
Iran’s foreign minister said Sunday the Islamic Republic’s ballistic missile program is “not open to negotiation” with the United States, seemingly spurning an overture from Secretary of State John Kerry.

Kerry said Thursday during a visit to Bahrain that the U.S. and its regional allies were “prepared to work on a new arrangement to find a peaceful solution” to the dispute over recent Iranian ballistic missile tests.

The missile tests are not covered by the U.S.-Iranian nuclear deal, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, agreed to this summer; however, the U.S. and its allies contend the launches go against a U.N. Security Council Resolution. Iran denies the launches violate the U.N. resolution.

Some Western experts fear the missiles could one day be used to deliver nuclear payloads.

But Foreign Minister Javad Zarif rejected Tehran making any concessions to the international community on the missile topic.

“Secretary Kerry and the U.S. State Department know well that Iran’s missile and defense capabilities are not open to negotiation,” Zarif said. The Tehran Times reported the remarks which were first made public by the country’s ISNA news agency.
They want the missiles to be ready for nuclear warheads in 10 or so years to be used against the US and its allies as well as Israel.  It gives you a good idea of just how bad the agreement with Iran is .  We need a President Cruz to tear up the mess and reimpose sanctions on this regime of Islamic religious bigots.


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