Cruz locks up more Colorado delegates

Fiscal Times:
Cruz Runs Rings Around Trump in Colorado

While Trump was on Twitter alternately discussing NATO and Jennifer Hudson, Cruz had his people on the ground in Colorado harvesting delegates that the Trump team had made little effort to secure. Because of its strange primary system, Colorado awards its congressional district-level delegates to the Republican nominating convention at district conventions and its at-large delegates at a state convention, which will take place tomorrow.

As of late Friday afternoon, the Cruz team had engineered the selection of their candidate’s supporters as delegates in all 15 of the delegate slots available in the state’s congressional districts where the contest had been decided. Trump, by contrast, appeared not to have won so much as an alternate delegate.
Another 13 delegates will be selected at the state convention on Saturday.  I suspect Cruz will probably dominate there too.  Again Trump's vaunted  organizational skills appear to be absent without leave.


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