Cruz getting head start in Indiana

Washington Examiner:
Ted Cruz is on the move in Indiana ahead of a May 3 primary that figures significantly in the race for convention delegates.

Businessman Donald Trump enters the month still in both the delegate count and states won. But Republican insiders across Indiana said in interviews Wednesday that the momentum is now with Cruz, a shift that predated his resounding defeat of Trump in Wisconsin. The timing is crucial. Early voting started Tuesday; absentee ballots hit mailboxes in late March.

The Cruz campaign deployed the Texas senator's father, Pastor Rafael Cruz, to Indiana for the week to woo voters, and is transferring its Wisconsin team there to begin field operations. As Cruz was enjoying his big victory Tuesday evening, his father was addressing a crowd of hundreds at the Cornerstone Christian Church in Brownsburg, 30 miles northwest of Indianapolis.
Gov. Mike Pence, a conservative stalwart and former congressman who considered his own 2016 presidential bid, could tip the scales with an endorsement. Ideologically, Pence aligns with Cruz. He shares a bond with Kasich, his neighbor to the east who could also be a major factor in the Indiana primary. Pence also appreciates Trump's unique executive experience.
This looks like a state that Cruz should do well in.  It would be the first time in 40 years that the state has really had a voice in picking the nominee.


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