Cruz explains how NY values lead to fracking phobia that is hurting jobs

AP/Fuel Fix:
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is making a pitch to New York voters saying a state law banning fracking is hurting the economy and diverting jobs to neighboring states.

Cruz said Thursday during a taping of a MSNBC town hall meeting in Buffalo, New York, that state is wrong to have a law banning hydraulic fracturing, an oil-and-gas extraction method known as fracking.

He said legalizing it could put thousands of people to work in upstate New York where there are large shale reserves that could be tapped.

Cruz blamed the anti-fracking law on “knuckleheaded Democratic politicians.” His comments came after being asked yet again to defend his criticism of “New York values.”
Upstate New York voters are being screwed by the anti-energy left that dominates the state's politics.  It is one area where liberals in New York are vulnerable because of their job killing politics.


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