Cruz could block Trump on a second ballot

CBS News:
Ted Cruz might have the right amount of support from delegates to block Donald Trump from receiving the nomination if a second ballot vote is held at a contested Republican National Convention in July.

According to an analysis done by The Washington Post, Cruz could pick up at least 130 more votes during a second ballot vote. Under a less conservative estimate, the report said it could mean even 170 delegates for Cruz.

If Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich head into the convention without a majority of delegates -- failing to win 1,237 delegates on a first ballot vote -- the delegates will have to hold another round of voting until a candidate reaches the required threshold to win the nomination.

On a first ballot vote, 95 percent of the delegates are bound to vote for the candidate they were assigned to, based on the primary or caucus results from their state. But if Trump doesn't receive the required number of votes, nearly 60 percent of the delegates will become unbound on a second ballot vote. For any subsequent ballot votes, even more delegates will be unbound.

Under GOP rules, delegates who are bound to vote for Trump on a first ballot don't necessarily have to personally support him, should there be subsequent ballot votes.
Trump calls this democrat process "stealing."  He seems to be ignorant of the rules and has been lashing out at others because of his failure to comprehend the process.  It is more evidence of his emotional immaturity and that of many of his followers.


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