Cruz ad raises questions about John Kasich's record

CBS News:
With the Wisconsin primary looming and polls showing a close race there, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is going on offense against the other non-Trump candidate in the race: Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Cruz's campaign is running an ad in the state suggesting Kasich offered favors and tax breaks to an Ohio-based steel company whose board he served on before becoming governor.

"Right before John Kasich was governor, he collected $611,000 from a Fortune 500 corporation. After Kasich became governor, that same company received $619,000 in state tax breaks for 'job creation,'" the ad says. "But last year the company laid off 100 Ohioans, even as the CEO cut a half-million-dollar check to Kasich's super PAC. John Kasich's not for us."
Cruz is also reportedly sending out mailers challenge's Kasich's record on spending and guns.  The ad evidenly draws on criticism used against Kasich in his run for reelection by Democrats.


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