Administration still trying to tweak its ISIL war policy

NY Times:

U.S. to Step Up Its Fight Against ISIS in Iraq and Syria

The Obama administration is prepared to add dozens of Special Operations forces to help train Syrian Arab fighters, and is considering the addition of Army attack helicopters to fight the Islamic State in Iraq.
This is what happens when you use inadequate force to begin with.  You are constantly having to "escalate" you use of force.  It almost always leads to a longer and bloodier war. and this one has certainly been a long one because the Obama administration is unwilling to use more effective means to destroy the enemy.

It also raises the question of who the Syria Arab fighters are that will be trained.  Will the US be training the next batch of al Qaeda Nusra front fighters?  They appear unable to vet these fighters and some of the Syrian rebels have taken their weapons to the enemy.


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