A war plan to destroy North Korea's nuclear missile program

NY Times:
How U.S. Military Actions Could Play Out in North Korea
The first plan suggested would be to attack a single missile in its launch phase.  I think this would result in a disastrous attack on South Korea and Japan and make it more difficult to retaliate against the nuclear missile program.

I would favor the all out attack on the whole program as well as the dug in artillery across the DMZ from Seoul.  It would be a combination of missiles and air attacks including B-2 stealth bombers.  I would also ratchet up the cyber attacks on the North.

The South Koreans have some very capable missiles that could be used to also attack the dug in artillery positions.  A coordinated attack would present a symphony of difficulties for the North to respond to, and if any of their missiles are able to launch during t  his phase they would be met with missile defense attacks at various stages of flight.

Once the attacks began they would need to be persistent so that they could hit the missiles in the launch phase to limit the reliance on missile defense.

I think these attacks may come in the next few weeks if North Korea goes forward with its planned "demonstration" attack around Guam.


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