Trump keeps the pressure on Qatar over terrorist financing

NY Times:

Trump Assails Qatar, Despite Tillerson’s Call for ‘Calm’

The president accused the Persian Gulf nation of being a “funder of terror at a very high level,” undercutting efforts to mediate a dispute between Qatar and its neighbors.
Ignoring the problem has not worked nor has diplomatic attempts to deal with it.  Qatar still supports the Hamas death cult which is building terror tunnels under UN schools in the Gaza strip.  It is also accused of supporting other terrorist organizations.  The Qataris seem immune to diplomatic persuasion on the issue so it makes sense to put financial pressure on them as well as isolate them.

I think Trump is on the right track to side with US allies like Saudi Arabia and Egypt to also put pressure on Qatar to stop supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.  It is an organization made up of Islamic religious bigots who helped create groups like al Qaeda.


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