Muslim Brotherhood at the heart of move against Qatar

Fox News:
As Gulf states cut ties with Qatar, Trump team debates Muslim Brotherhood terror designation
Qatar has invested millions in Washington think tanks and Brookings, for instance, has argued that the Muslim Brotherhood should not be designated a terrorist organization despite the fact that many such organizations are offshoots of the Brotherhood such as al Qaeda.

When the US recently looked at putting the Brotherhood on the terror list it was argued that such a move would cause problems with Muslims.  The recent moves suggest that argument was oversold and that there are millions of Muslims who see the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

I would put them on the list.  They are full-throated religious bigots who also engage in ethnic hatred of Jews and Christians.  They are a group with not apparent redeeming qualities.

They wound up in Qatar after they were chased from the government in Egypt and Syria became too hot for them.


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