Media losing control of the Trump narrative

NY Times:

In Trump Era, Unlike Watergate, Media Narratives Diverge

Rival versions of the Trump-Russia scandal are fighting for supremacy, leaving news veterans wondering, “What if Watergate happened now?”
Liberals in the media tend to spend too much time with each other talking about how evil and corrupt the President is and missing the big picture of the slow motion coup that is taking place by political opponents of the President inside the intelligence agencies and the FBI.  They have been so busy aiding and abetting that coup that they have given little thought to implications of their own actions in trying to overthrow a democratically elected President.

This time they are meeting resistance with competing narratives that keep reminding people that the leakers may be anonymous, but their motives are not altruistic and their information is in many cases tainted by politics of fraud.  They seem quick of fact check the President's statements which are not always clear or coherent, but slow to fact check their anonymous sources and their own reporting.

But what is really killing their credibility is the fact that despite all the efforts of intel agencies and law enforcement snooping they can't find any evidence of Trump collusion with Russia about the election.  So they are careening into constructing an "obstruction of justice" case for the nonexistent collusion.  This demonstrates a desperate effort to justify a coup against the President because they did not like the outcome of an election.

These are the same people who criticized Trump for not being willing to say he would accept the results of the election.

And they wonder why they have lost control of the narrative?


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