Texas jobs machine had another good year in 2014

Dallas Morning News:
Texas added 457,900 jobs in 2014, unemployment rate falls to 4.6% in December
This includes of the the layoffs in the oil business late in the year.  That industry still was up for the year as well as other major categories.
Every major industry added jobs last year and seven of Texas’ 11 major industry groups saw an increase in jobs in December.

Despite the recent layoffs announced by oil-related companies in Texas, the industry led the state with an 11.5 percent annual growth rate, adding 33,900 jobs. The oil industry also added 4,900 jobs in December after losing 2,400 in November.

Three other industry groups posted annual employment gains of more than 5 percent last year: The construction industry grew 7.7 percent (47,500 jobs); professional and business services firms was up 5.8 percent (85,800 jobs); and financial services firms grew 5.1 percent (34,800 jobs).
January saw more layoffs in the oil business, but so far the construction business is still strong and I think there will be increased employment in the manufacturing sector.


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