Rubio front runner with Koch large donors

Donors to the Koch brothers' right-of-center political network prefer Florida Sen. Marco Rubio for president, according to a straw poll taken at the network's just-concluded donor conference in California.

Rubio finished ahead of four other potential Republican candidates who were invited to the three-day meeting which ended Tuesday, after a long weekend of events at the Ritz-Carlton in Rancho Mirage, California. Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul came in last.

The informal poll, conducted by veteran GOP pollster Frank Luntz, provides an early glimpse into the pool of "megadonors" being courted by prospective White House candidates. Their checkbooks "could go a long way toward determining who emerges with the GOP nomination — regardless of whether the Koch network decides to formally back a candidate,"Politico reported.
Rubio has been very strong on Iran and Cuba.  He will still have to overcome his participation in the Gang of Eight immigration reform effort that is very unpopular with many conservative voters.  If he can distance himself from that effort he may be a strong contender for the nomination.


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