Defeating Hillary should not require Elizabeth Warren

NY Times:

Hillary Clinton vs. Elizabeth Warren Could Delight Republicans

Many Republicans see a challenge by Ms. Warren as their party’s best hope to weaken, and potentially defeat, Mrs. Clinton in a contentious Democratic primary.
Hillary Clinton was a grossly incompetent Secretary of State who was unable to restrain Obama's worst tendencies and added her own level of bad policy.  She seem to think getting on a plane was the ultimate in state craft.  Where Obama thought the answer to every political problem was to give a speech, Clinton thought jumping on a plane and showing up was her job.  Her Libyan policy was a fiasco long before the Benghazi attacks.

The only thing a Warren candidacy would demonstrate is that  like Obama she has an overrated intellect of half baked ideas about the economy and how it works.  Her goofy ideas about finance and the economy might even make Hillary look smarter than she really is.


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