Senate running out of amendments to Keystone XL bill

Fuel Fix:
The Senate knocked down more than a dozen amendments on energy and the environment Wednesday, as Republicans worked to finish a nearly four-week debate over Keystone XL.

The casualties included proposals involving liquefied natural gas exports, endangered species protections for the lesser prairie-chicken and hydraulic fracturing.

Only one measure was adopted — a modest proposal from Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, — that would direct the Energy Department to coordinate programs for energy efficiency and retrofitting projects at U.S. schools.

Instead, for more than four hours, the chamber voted one by one to reject proposals that failed to secure a 60-vote majority needed for adoption under a Senate agreement.

The marathon helped pave the way for a final vote on — and likely passage of — the underlying legislation to authorize the Keystone XL pipeline as early as Thursday afternoon.
The anti energy left has been exposed in these votes and it will be harder for Democrats to hide on the issues in the future.  These are teh same people who thought we could not drill our way to lower prices so they have little credibility on energy issues to begin with.


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