Angry leftist unhappy with Israel's fight for existence and distrust of Obama

Bill Kristol:
Obama’s Israel Problem
Why has Obama been lashing out? Because he had a dream. He was to be the American president who would preside at, and take credit for, the founding of a Palestinian state. Obama would be to Palestine what Harry Truman was to Israel. Now it's clear that's not going to happen during his presidency. Obama's frustrated that it's not going to happen. So he lashes out.

But Obama is still pursuing another dream: to be the American president who goes to Tehran, who achieves with Iran what Richard Nixon achieved with China. And he thinks Israel, and Israel's friends in the United States, stand in the way of achieving that dream. So he has another reason to be angry.

Of course, it's not Israel but reality that stands in the way of Obama's dreams. His Cairo speech, and the policies that followed from it, have crashed on the shoals of reality. Obama said in Cairo in June 2009, that he hoped that his administration would end the "cycle of suspicion and discord" between the United States and much of the Muslim world....
His policies have made things worse and he has not only lost the trust of the Arab world but of the Israelis too.  He may be angry because they don't trust him, but he earned their lack of trust with his treatment of Israel and his pushing of a Palestinian state for a group of people who also cannot be trusted to act responsibly and who make demands that unreasonable.  He is pushing for a deal with and entity that has nothing of value to offer Israel and with a regime in Tehran that wants  a genocidal end to Israel.  No wonder the Israelis don't trust him.

Roger L. Simon takes on the media critics of the move.  Meanwhile, Obama's peace partners in Iran have threatened to kill Netanyahu's sons.


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