We need a tax on liberal foundations

...It’s time we started taxing wealthy foundations at the same rate we tax wealthy individuals. Gates. Ford. Getty. Kellogg. Hewlett and Packard. Moore. Mellon. Rockefeller. Soros. These are not just the 1%, but the 1% of the 1%. 
Great wealth in the hands of a few is undemocratic, whether it’s directly by a person, or given over to these private corporations that serve as embodiments of boundless ego. Tax them to fund a truly charitable social safety net for all Americans.No, I am not sounding like an Occupier. In fact, the Occupations aren’t making this argument at all. If they believed what they want you to believe, they should. But they don’t make this argument, because they don’t believe what they claim to. 
They’d never tax the Ford Foundation, the Foundation to Promote Open Society, or the like because these foundations are, with unions, the life blood of the organized, radicalized left in America. To tax these foundations would cut into their Community Organizer paychecks, so they’ll never even propose it....
These groups are not job creators, but they do great harm to the economy by pushing a liberal agenda.  Taxing rich liberals would be an interesting response and would demonstrate an ability to "compromise" on the tax issue.  It is worth offering if only tongue in cheek.


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