Cruz needs conservative help to beat Dewhurst

Erick Erickson:
It is hard to overstate just how extraordinary Ted Cruz’s underdog entry into the Texas runoff is and just how the odds are still stacked against him unless conservatives rally quickly with lots of money.
David Dewhurst has been Lt. Governor of Texas for more than a decade. He has massive name ID throughout the state. Ted Cruz started this race with a three or four percent showing in polling.
More so, Dewhurst is a multimillionaire who can write large sums of money to fund his campaign. Ted Cruz cannot. Texas has several of the most expensive media markets in the country and the state is too large to go door to door across the state.
Dewhurst’s political team is Governor Rick Perry’s highly successful (in Texas) political team. I know a number of them and consider them friends. They are formidable.
It takes money and intensity to win in a runoff.  Cruz probably has a leg up in the intensity department because of the support of the Tea Party Republicans.  Overcoming Dewhurst money advantage is his big challenge.  The next eight weeks will go by pretty fast for both.


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